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Devoteam is positioned as a software editor whose business is to supply a rapid development environment and a “toolkit” for the administration, design and daily operation of service or self-service applications used in voice portals.

As a consequence of this positioning, Devoteam supplies all necessary assistance to help its clients and partners attain a maximum degree of independence as rapidly as possible.

Thus, its teams of engineers and business consultants or linguists are ready to help you according to your needs during all phases of your project, whether on a time and materials basis or at a fixed rate:


Strategic consulting
Before you make your decisions, VocaBase specialists are able to furnish strategic consulting that will enable you to attain expected results with the proper tools.


Business analysis
Study business needs, analyze procedures in the different divisions or departments, translate between IT technical language and business user language: all these tasks can benefit from the added value of experienced and dedicated VocaBase consultants. A typical deliverable of this phase would be technical specifications.


Technical assistance

During the phases of design and development, our technical teams take charge or assist clients or partners in the creation of all or part of the call flow modules and the IT system interfaces.


Technical support (hot-line)
All clients and partners can benefit from support services. Working hours and commitments for the treatment and resolution of incidents are defined in the support contracts, and intervention procedures are established. Support services can be arranged at a fixed rate or on a time and materials basis.


VocaBase aims toward the independence of clients and partners. For this reason, Devoteam proposes training cycles adapted to different user groups. A complete training cycle takes only a few days, since VocaBase is designed for rapid implementation.