The VocaBase version V3.0 is now available.


It provides new features which allows a quicker design of vocal applications and a simplified roll-out, as:


  • Database explorer: integrated browser for database consultation and usual modifications
  • Auto-documentation with full completion of existing MAP function
  •  Search engine: allows to know at once where objects as variables are used in the application
  • Add  objects (steps, options) in navigation panel
  • Embedded tool for roll out from development to production
  • External resource handling (audio files, grammars, plugins
  • VocaBase Studio in full screen
  • Plugin SDK under Eclipse (template + documentation)
  • Interop compliancy GVP8.1 and Altitude 7.5



Acces to the quick presentation there :


Image Exemple




Read the Release Note VocaBase 3.0 for more details.