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The market for Interactive Voice Response systemsunderwent an important technological revolution in the first years of the 21st century.

Historically, the first IVR appeared as proprietary peripheral modules at telephone exchange. The applications developed could not be ported from one environment to another.

The emergence of speech technologies opened the way to new applications for automatic self-service by telephone, which by nature required online access to company information systems and took advantage of infrastructures that were primarily used for access to Internet services. As a result of this evolution, the VoiceXML standard was born in 2001 on the initiative of the leading manufacturers of the telephone and IT industries.




Like web servers, IVR systems are now made up of two very different types of equipment: on the one hand, VoiceXML platforms (equivalent to web browsers), and on the other, VoiceXML application servers.

VocaBase is a VoiceXML application server that offers management tools (design, configuration, adjustment, operation and maintenance) for self-service voice applications that are integrated in call-center IT and administration systems. These applications can be ported to all market platforms.