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Deployment time needed for a VoiceXML application includes not only development work, but also testing and adjustment. This last phase, which is key to the project, is often underestimated in the deployment schedule. Less experienced users, in particular, can waste precious time learning about the different elements to be integrated into the solution (VoiceXML platform, application server, text-to-speech and speech recognition engines) and mastering the different languages and protocols utilized (VoiceXML, SRGS, SSML, MRCP, SIP, Java, JSP, Webservices, SQL, etc.).




In contrast, the VocaBase generic software package for voice application management includes an extensive native set of standard services and functions that have been proven through multiple operating references and that continue to evolve beyond and independently of the fine tuning implemented. They also feature integrated tools for testing and fine tuning the applications, through simulation or in actual operation.

Benefits are immediate as concerns implementation costs: users will avoid wasting valuable time on searching for and correcting the errors that are inherent to all specific developments and will optimize performance. In other words, the risk of experiencing significant delay in the deployment of a new voice server, or even of failure, is significantly reduced.