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VocaBase features different tools that allow to configure the applications of a voice portal through simple parametering:

General ergonomics
·    Integral implementation through configuration (graphic selections, forms to be completed, boxes to check, etc.) avoiding any programming job.
·    Creation of new objects by copy/paste of existing objects
·    Online configuration
·    Online contextual help


Script development
·    Separation of script into reusable modules broken down into standard elementary steps
·    Voice interaction steps
·    Call control steps: hang-up, transfer
·    Operational steps: calculations and orientation
·    Simple configuration of script development logic (module and step sequencing, sequence rupture, etc.)
·    Dynamic expression language for configuring the business rules that govern the logic of the dialog, prompt contents and the choices authorized in the menus
·    Automatic generation of VoiceXML 2.0 pages
·    Configuration of general parameters that can be modified by less-qualified users through operating modes


Voice interactions
·    Interaction steps: messages, static and dynamic menus, dates, names, message recording, confirmation by e-mail or SMS
·    Support of audio prompts and/or static and/or dynamic tex-to-speech
·    DTMF interactions (telephone keys) and/or speech recognition (with grammar management)
·    Standard profiles for error processing
·    “Barge-in” configuration
·    Global orders
·    Multilingualism


IT and ICT integration
·    Read/write access to SQL database
·    Integration of web services and http/XML interfaces by JSP plug-ins

·    Optional encryption of secured applications

·    Integration of other VoiceXML applications
·    ICT integration (bidirectional exchange of call context data between IVR and agents)


Archive configuration
·    Definition of events to be archived
·    Configuration of call tags to be used in statistical reports


Collaborative development
·    Vertical (by software service) and horizontal (by application module) access protection
·    Traceability of all configuration changes (time-stamped and dated signatures)
·    Notification by alerts in case of concurrent modifications


Tools for fine tuning and adjustment
·    Online verification of configuration consistency
·    Cross references for steps and variables
·    Automatic generation of dialog outline (documentation)
·    Graphic simulator of script development with debug mode
·    Event-driven archiving of all operations carried out during the call