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A VocaBase voice application server natively integrates with:


·    Web client stations that use the VocaBase Studio software services for administration, configuration and operation of the application;

·    VoiceXML platforms, to which it delivers dynamic VoiceXML pages on demand for the execution of dialogs as the call flow moves forward, according to the way it is configured in the application model;

·    Company IT administration and CRM systems to obtain a profile of the customer who calls and personalized information needed by this customer;

·    Call center management software for exchanging all information pertinent to the call context and thereby avoiding useless re-entering of information;

·    Company database management systems for storing histories and statistical reports related to operation of the voice application.

A VocaBase server can handle 200 simultaneously calls.

For applications needing greater processing power, the required processing power will be distributed among a physical server farm working under a load balancing.

Within a company architecture, it is customary to dedicate different servers to the tasks of application development, test and production, so that online deployment can be carried out without disrupting operation.