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Just like websites, modern voice portals contribute in a number of ways to company marketing actions through their accessiblity, interactivity and ease of use.
They manage both incoming and outgoing calls throughout the contact cycle, from the distribution of information to the first interactions that will transform contacts into prospects.

·    Product and service catalogs

Callers can use these catalogs to look for products or services according to criteria such as category, utilization, name, brand, price, availability, etc., and to receive a detailed description of them. It is possible to give greater weight to certain products in order to propose them preferentially.



·    Location finder

This allows identifying the nearest company Point of Interest (sales outlet, agency, branch, dealer, ticket office, repair center) according to criteria like geographical location, product or service availability, or opening times. If necessary, the call can be transferred to the desired establishment.


·    FAQs

Supplies answers to the most frequently asked questions organized by theme.


·    Tourist and leisure activity guide

Callers can select the activities and events they are interested in and obtain a detailed description of them and other useful information by SMS.


·    Schedule of events

Lets callers consult updated information concerning shows, festivals, trade fairs, sports events, conferences or conventions, arranged by theme, location or date. Also allows making reservations on the chosen date and receiving information by SMS.


·    Human resources

Candidates can access work offers corresponding to their profile and interests, according to their profession and background, location of the job, contract type, etc.


·    Traffic information

Provides drivers with access to traffic surveillance systems for real-time information on specific highway conditions or a particular itinerary. They can also consult an itinerary from selected departure and arrival points.


·    Travel information center

Allows transportation companies to give callers the optimal itinerary between two points, supply schedules and rates for a specific line or indicate a potential delay at a particular stop.


·    Crisis center information

In real time and 24/7, this service provides necessary critical information. A crisis server can be mobilized in a very short time and used over a large number of lines. Information can be updated in real time by the operator, thanks to the VocaBase Studio configuration interface.


·    Confirmation of information

All of the above information can be confirmed via SMS, MMS or e-mail.