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As powerful as websites and accessible everywhere at all times, “self-service” voice portals have become veritable company sales and customer relationship vectors.
They play an increasingly important role throughout the sales cycle. The success of a commercial voice portal is based on its integration with the company’s IT management systems, which has been made possible by the convergence of telephone and IT technology.
·    Quotes
Personalized price setting service with a group of parameters that influence the quotes, followed by automatic proposal creation, either in whole or in part (if intervention of a sales person is required).

·    Order taking

Allows callers to order or reserve one or more products, documents or services by specifying reference, quantity, options and price, as well as means of delivery and payment.

·    Order tracking

Provides status of a delivery or repair and gives the scheduled date of execution.

    Account management
Customers can directly manage their company account or file (examples: phone banking, credit applications, online payment of outstanding invoices, etc.).
 ·    Credit Recovery
Allows to automatically called debtors
for collect in a smmoth way due payments.