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The telephone is by far the preferred channel of interaction for customer service. Even though customers readily use new media like the Internet to buy online, they always reach for the telephone when there is a complaint to be made.
In this context, voice portals offer a broad range of automatic services that enable always providing the best service in the shortest time.

·    Customer service

In addition to general information for customers, this feature offers personalized access for consulting and updating information specific to each customer; i.e., customer profile, consumption, order and delivery status, account or loyalty point balance, etc.


·    Technical assistance

Provides pre- and post-sales advice on line and allows submitting incidents, following their resolution and querying the knowledge databases.


·    Questionnaires and surveys

Automatic service for gathering information from contacts. This service is generally activated by a call-center agent, who can transfer a conversation to an automatic questionnaire with the caller’s assent, and is useful for online evaluation of call-center service quality, for instance.


·    Outgoing calls

A voice server can also be used to automate interactive dialogs for outgoing calls. This function is used mainly for customer service (examples: announcement of a delay or a delivery, reminder and confirmation of an appointment, etc.).