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Call qualification and routing : our demo








When you call, your mobile number will not be recognized in our CRM. Please enter your phone number.
Choose one of the following numbers to test the different cases.



Phone Number
 First Name
 Name  Account balance  Profil
 32490123456  Albert Dupont
 32490123457  Dirk  Janssens  456 Standard
 32490123458  Alan  Smith  6789 VIP
You’ll then hear the right name, recognized as Standard or VIP Customer.
If you press 1 or say "account balance", you’ll hear your acount balance.
If you press 2 or says "sales", you’ll be transferred to our (actual) sales department.
If you’re recognized as a VIP customer, you can choose Support Service (option 3 of the qualification menu)
For option 2 or 3, if nobody is available, you can ask for a call back, et enter a voice mail.