The recents voices technologies evolutions in natural language give the opportunnity in healthcare to significantly improve and optilmize their patient relationship thru phone from Attendant (Welcome desk) to Appointement Management.

In this Webinar, you will discover our solution on the “Evolutions of the patient relationship in healthcare sector”, organized by VocaBase, Belgian leader in self-service voice applications, with the collaboration of DXC Technologies, software vendor of Ultragenda, Calendar and Appointement Management the most utilized in the heathcare sector in Belgium.


  • Introduction – Patient relationship Management in Hospital challenges, from Automated attendant to Appointement management.
  • Solutions   :
    • VocaPack Automated Attendant : Automated Attednant for Patient in Natural Language
    • VocaPack Appointment Management : Appointement Management through phone, and integrated with Ultragenda
  • Questions & Answers

WEBINAR FR : Starts at: Europe/Brussels. Duration 45 minutes.

WEBINAR NL : Starts at: 21 Europe/Brussels. Duration 45 minutes.