Customer Interactions

over the Phone 

(Speech & SMS technologies)

Our History :


VocaBase was born in the early 2000s, when the convergence of Internet technologies and telephony revolutionized the customer relationship landscape. More flexible with new voice technologies, a new generation of Intelligent Voice Portals has replaced the former Interactive Voice Servers for call-only qualification and a much wider range of automated services.

  • 2000 : VocaBase software development launch

  • 2004: commercial launch at the European Customer Relationship Fair in Paris

  • 2005: establishment of a network of integrating partners and operators in Belgium and France

  • 2006: Deployment of a first “order taking” application for a catalogue sales leader in France

  • 2007: first references in finance (banking and insurance), public sector, transport and telecoms

  • 2009: Launch of the first consumer application using  voice recognition at a large-scale.

  • 2011: DEVOTEAM, European leader in digital transformation, enter the the capital

  • 2012: launch of the outbound call management platform

  • 2013:  First VocaPack application for debt collection

  • 2016: acquisition of  BlueFlag SA/NV, specialized in the patient relation by phone and SMS

  • 2017: deployment of the first packaged cloud application suite for hospitals

We designed VocaBase, VocaPacks and VocaPortal, to help you to otimize and automate your customer relationships on phone.

The flexibility of our technology made us successful in differents industries.

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