The health sector is undergoing deep changes, under the combined effects of the aging of the population, increasing budgetary constraints and technological developments.

Healthcare facilities are encouraged to increase their operational efficiency, including networking their activities, while ensuring greater patient satisfaction.

At the same time, healthcare professionals must take into account the revolutions of the development of distance medicine and e-health solutions.

This has a significant impact on remote relationship strategies, methods and tools, among which the phone continues to play a major role.

Improve your patient relationship :

The main challenge today is to satisfy the patient while optimizing the operational efficiency of the resources deployed.

Organizations need to deploy a comprehensive, multi-Channel Patient Relationship Services

VocaBase’s global approach meets the specific needs of healthcare professions, taking advantage of telephony, internet and mobile applications

The integration of specialized solutions makes possible to offer a consistent patient experience, regardless of the channel used.

Our vision :

  1. Let patients choose the right interaction channel for their context
  2. Combine remote, assisted, self-service, and local transactions
  3. Offer the same user experience on all channels, integrated into the BDs
  4. Simplify interactions thanks to the documents dematerialization
  5. Personalize patient interactions by identifying them
  6. Promote proactive notifications and interactions

Reduces patient wait-time while decreasing attendance operation cost

Facilitates patient appointments making, reminding , changing or cancelling while reducing cost of “no show”

Assist patients in managing their unpaid bills while reducing cost of collection

Remind patients to take their medication, and collect specifique health data when patients are hospitalized at home